Island Hopping

Island hopping - travelling from island to island - is quick, easy and fun. The best-known islands of Hawaii, in order from most to least developed, are Oahu, Maui, the Big Island, Kauai, Molokai and Lanai, each with its own distinct character and its own feel.

Flights depart and arrive as often as every half-hour, the frequency varying from island to island. Airfares start from around $65 per person one-way. However, with advance planning you can often have a trip to a neighbour island included on your mainland ticket at a reduced rate. The average cost for budget hotels on each island starts from $80 per night and a compact rental car costs about $40 per day. However, discounted fly and drive packages are widely available.

Flight time is about 20 minutes from one island to the next, though you should add another 10-15 minutes travel time for boarding and deplaning.

Island hopping is highly recommended for first time visitors to Hawaii, as it offers the opportunity to experience a number of different islands and chose your favourite for your next visit.

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