FAQs about Hawaii

Q: Where is Hawaii located?
A: In the north Pacific - 2,400 miles southwest of Los Angeles

Q: When is the best time to go?
A: Hawaii enjoys a year round climate. In summer, the average daytime high temperature is 85° F; in winter, it's 78° F. Ocean temperatures are always warm; trade winds keep the islands air conditioned and the humidity comfortable.

Q: When are the high and low seasons?
A: Expect premium rates during the winter months, mid-December through March. Family travel is most popular during the summer. Spring and Autumn, while considered "low" season, offer great value and fewer visitors.

Q: What language is spoken?
A: The English language is predominantly spoken, however Hawaii’s two official languages are English and Hawaiian .

Q: What currency is used in Hawaii?
A: The US dollar.

Q: When is the best time for whale watching?
A: The Pacific Humpback whales begin returning from the North in December and usually leave by May. The best viewing is usually mid-January through mid-April.

Q: What is the legal drinking age?
A: 21 years old and expect to show a valid ID.

Q: Is there a ferry service between the islands?
A: Only in Maui County, where you can take a ferry between Maui and her sister islands, Molokai and Lanai.

Q: What type of transportation is available from the airport to hotels?
A: All islands have taxi service and shuttle buses to and from the airport.

Q: What is the time difference between Hawaii and the UK
A: Hawaii is 10/11 hours behind the UK and does not observe Daylight Saving Time.