Weather & Climate

Year round in the Hawaiian Islands, the weather is wonderful. Located at the edge of the tropical zone there are really only two seasons. In "summer," the average daytime high temperature is 85º F; in "winter," it's 78º F. Ocean temperatures are always warm; trade winds keep the islands cool and the humidity comfortable.
If you favor a dry and sunny destination, check out the leeward side of each island. (That's the region sheltered from the prevailing winds — generally the west and south.) If you want lush, tropical and wet, check out an island's windward side (the regions facing the prevailing winds — generally the east and north). But even to windward the showers usually last just long enough to create our legendary, blazing rainbows. And what would Hawaii be without them?

A word of caution about the sunshine: Use sunscreen and re-apply liberally all day long. Protect children with sunblock containing zinc oxide or the latest in "sun suits" that protect from harmful rays. Hats and sunglasses are also a must.