Aloha and Welcome to Hawaii's Big Island

While you are here, we hope you find the time to experience the island's diversity of striking natural beauty, Hawaiian culture, historic sites, quaint rural towns, exciting adventures, special events and resort destinations.

Few other places in the world can match Hawaii's Big Island for its adventure and devotion to eco-tourism. Here, the visitor is invited to sample everything with a gentle touch.

Explore the wealth of opportunities the island offers those in search of adventure. Majestic valleys, secret beaches, hidden waterfalls and vast mountains indulge the whims of every traveler from the most adventuresome to the more sedentary.

The Big Island at a glance

Principal City: Hilo
Summit: Mauna Kea, 13,796 ft.
Land Mass: 4,028 sq. miles
Flower: Red Lehua
Nickname: The Big Island
Population: 148,677
Length: 92 miles
Width: 76 miles
Tourist Information Big Island:
Big Island Visitors Bureau, 250 Keawe Street, Hilo, HI 96720

Whether you're interested in an adventure on land or at sea, Hawaii's Big Island promises travel experiences that emphasise its natural beauty.

It seems incredible that an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean could encompass nearly every one of the earth's major ecosystems: from a tropical rainforest to an alpine lake, from a coral reef teeming with brilliantly hued fish to a lava flow laced with the delicate new growth of ferns. And yet, that's just what Hawaii's Big Island offers.