Flights to Molokai

Just a 20 minute flight time from Oahu or Maui, Molokai is serviced by two major inter-island airlines and three commuter carrier services.

Car rental

Most visitors rent cars, and there are two national car rentals and two local car rentals. More strenuous transportation is available for those that want to bike the island. There is a rental shop in Kaunakakai.

Driving Hours from Hoclehua Airport to:

Halawa: ............. 2 hours
Kaunakakai: ..... 15 minutes
Kepuhi Beach: ... 30 minutes
Mapulehu: ........ 25 minutes
Maunaloa: ........ 15 minutes
Palaau Park: ..... 15 minutes

There is no public transportation but there are several tour services, including two taxi/tour companies, on the island while a ferry offers daily excursions from Maui.


For state park upcountry camping contact the Dept. of Land and Resources. West and south shore ocean side camping is available from the County of Maui. The Dept. of Hawaiian Homelands offers camping one mile west of Kaunakakai and more camping can be found on the east end, with upscale camping within the Sheraton Molokai Lodge & Beach Village.