Molokai! Hawaiian by Nature

There is still a special place under the tropical sun - an uncommon refuge a lifetime away from the hectic pace of today's modern existence. An island abundant with natural and cultural resources.

From miles of unspoiled, uncrowded, white sand beaches to remote wilderness accessible only by boat. Whether you fill each minute with breathtaking activity or simply relax and do nothing at all, Molokai is a place for independent souls with a sense of adventure. A place to "get in touch with nature and yourself".

Explore ancient fishponds and heiau (Hawaiian temples). Fulfill your dream and swim at the base of a cascading, shimmering silver waterfall. Wind your way down 1,700 feet and 26 switch backs to the legendary peninsula of historic Kalaupapa.

Molokai at a glance

Principal City: Kaunakakai
Summit: Kamakou Peak, 4,961 ft.
Land Mass: 260 sq. miles
Flower: White Kukui Blossom
Colour: Green
Nickname: Hawaiian by Nature
Population: 7,404
Length: 30 miles
Width: 10 miles
Tourist Information Molokai:
Molokai Visitor Association, Kaunakakai, Molokai, HI 96748

Discover native birds and pristine old world forests in Kamakou Preserve. Whale watch, scuba dive or snorkel off Hawaii's only 28-mile pristine, barrier reef. Hike trails that few have travelled or camp on a beach. Explore the highest sea cliffs in the world or enjoy the multi-cultural, local-style dining and the quiet, unhurried, non-commercial lifestyle. Molokai has no traffic lights or any buildings taller than the palm trees.

Where else can you find jagged cliffs crashing into the sea or lush, mist-filled valleys and waterfalls, too numerous to count? This is the Hawaii you pictured in your dreams.