The highest hill in the northwest plateau, surrounded by endemic flora of the Dryland forest. Exposed to the natural forces of the sun's scorching heat, gusting winds and sporadic torrential rains, pockets of the low canopy native forest cling to what little precious topsoil that remains.

Kanepuu Preserve - Dryland Forest

The Kanepuu Preserve is an area of rare native Hawaiian plant life now under the stewardship of The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii. Endangered endemic and indigenous flora of Lanai are protected and encouraged to re-establish a foothold at Kanepuu.


The fire of Kawelo was a perpetual fire that could be seen clearly from the island of Molokai. As long as the fire continued burning, the prophecy of replenishing Lanai with pigs and dogs would be fulfilled. The demand for firewood has rendered the landscape of Keahikawelo bare, wind swept and harshly eroded into irregular stone formations.

Palawai Basin

Palawai is a land division and basin located in south central Lanai. Once filled with pineapple, today Palawai Basin is used primarily for grazing.


Lanaihale ("House of Lanai") is the highest mountain on the island and stands 3,370 feet above sea level.