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Polihua Beach

Polihua is a beach area on the northern coast of Lanai and access is by four-wheel drive only, but do not drive onto the beach! Famous for the turtles that nest here, the translation of Polihua literally means Poli (bosom) and hua (eggs). Due to strong currents, swimming is very dangerous and should not be attempted.

Kaiolohia Bay

Shipwreck Beach
Shipwreck Beach
© HVCB / Ron Dahlquist
Kaiolohia, literally the "choppy or changing sea", is located on the northeast coast of Lanai. Strong tradewinds and seaspray normally pelt the eight-mile stretch of beach along the Kalohi Channel that separates Lanai and Molokai.

As a result, many ships have been grounded here from as early as 1820 to 1942 and remnants of shipwrecks can still be seen today but the area is not recommended for swimming. Enjoyable for beachcombing, on windy days the beach may be intolerable due to blowing sand. This area is easily reached by four-wheel-drive vehicle or by foot from the end of the paved road.


Lopa, a gulch and summer south swell surfing area, is a picnic site and beach area along the eastern shore of Lanai. This area is the location of one of four ancient fishponds, only one of which is located above sea level. A great beach for sunbathing.