Lanai, Hawaii's Most Exclusive Island

If your idea of an island getaway includes ultra luxury and secluded privacy, the island of Lanai awaits you. Lanai is 98% privately owned by Castle & Cooke. Inc. and they've developed the island as an exclusive resort destination.

Think of it as a private park with two very exclusive, five star resorts.

Discovering Lanai

To experience Lanai is to experience contrast. In a matter of minutes you can pass through a pine-covered highland, from secluded beaches to volcanic landscapes. And in the process, you'll get the opportunity to re-juvenate yourself.

Just over 3,000 people live on this small island. Life evolves around its one charming town, Lanai City and two deluxe properties, the upcountry Lodge at Koele and the ocean side Manele Bay Hotel. Both consistently win top resort honours.

Lanai at a glance

Principal City: Lanai City
Summit: Mount Lanaihale, 3,366 ft.
Land Mass: 141 sq. miles
Length: 18 miles
Width: 13 miles
Flower: Kaunaoa
Colour: Orange
Nickname: Hawaii's Most Exclusive Island
Population: 3.19

Two stellar golf courses, a spa, fine dining choices and plenty of outdoor activities and water sports guarantee there’ll be plenty to do until its high tea in the music room.

Lanai Airport

Located in Palawai Basin, approximately ten minutes from Lanai City and 20 minutes from Manele Bay, the airport is served by more than 100 flights per week.