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A Taste of Paradise

There's an old saying among travellers: "If the food is good, the vacation is good."

Hawaiian Fruits
Hawaiian Fruits
© HVCB / Linda Ching
Well, the food on Maui, is nothing short of delicious. The advent of Hawaiian regional cuisine has spawned a cornucopia of fantastic restaurants that cater to every taste imaginable, with dishes made all the more enticing by the commitment of Maui chefs to use fresh local fish and custom grown local fruits and vegetables.

Some of the more famous establishments are the Haliimaile General Store, Roy's Kahana Grill, Mama's Fish House, David Paul's Lahaina Grill, Spagos and the Hula Grill. Yet no Maui holiday is truly complete without a real Hawaiian luau, not just for the marvellous luau food — the kalua pig, the grilled mahimahi and the lomi salmon — but also for the entertainment experience offered by such authentic establishments as the Old Lahama Luau, with music and dance reflecting the history of Maui from ancient times to present day. And when you're out and about exploring the Magic Isle, don't forget to stop in at a lunch counter or out-of-the-way eatery to try some tasty local fare, like savoury plate lunches, delicious saimin, rainbow shave ice and, of course manju — flaky pastries filled with sweet apple, coconut and pineapple.