Where Ironman meets Laka, Goddess of Hula

Ironman Hawaii — the world's hardest competition, combining swimming, biking and a full Marathon, hits Hawaiian shores every autumn, totalling a gruelling 140 miles per participant.

Hula Festival
Hula Festival
© HVCB / Joe Solem
A little less strenuous is the Honolulu-Marathon in December, taking place on Oahu.

Most of the international top surf events at Hawaii are held in the winter time, like the Morey Bodyboards Championships at Oahu's North Coast.

Film Buffs will enjoy partcipating at the annual International Film Festival in Honolulu, held in October, or the Maui Film Festival which takes place under the stars every June.

If you are travelling to Hawaii in May, visit the birthplace of Laka, Goddes of Hula, and celebrate with Molokai's natives Kaana, the birth of Hula.

Visiting Hawaii during one of the major PGA TOUR tournaments and seeing the pros in the ultimate setting will be a highlight for any golfer. Spectator tickets are easy to obtain.

More information and a detailed event calendar visit www.calendar.gohawaii.com.