Kaeleku Caverns - Hana, Maui
Kaeleku Caverns - Hana, Maui

Outdoor & Adventure

"We had struggled for five hours, straight up through dense undergrowth, ohia forests and vast colonies of bamboo. Green, in all its millions of tones and inflections, was the only colour we had seen until we reached the top of the ridge where we emerged into a white so thick and featureless it left us dizzy and disoriented. Just in time, the cloud blew over the ridge line and was gone, leaving us gasping at the view that suddenly appeared revealing the sheer, 3,000-foot drop at our feet. It was magic."

The lure of adventure is strong in man and nowhere in the world does it find greater expression than here in the Hawaiian Islands. Is hang-gliding your thing? Do you long to leap from the heights at Makapu'u and, soaring high above the beach, make lazy circles for an afternoon? Perhaps you'd enjoy the heart-pounding intensity of the big winter surf at Waimea or the thrill of sailing down the Molokai Channel? Or would you prefer the skiier's rocket ride down the slope of sometimes snow-capped Mauna Loa; palm trees in the distance, hard lava coming up?

Maybe a safer, less terrifying but equally adrenalin-raising, adventure would suit you better. Something like a bicycle ride down Haleakala or a hike within its moonscape crater. Or riding a very sensible mule who's made the trip a thousand times down the cliffside to Kalapapa and back again. Or enjoying a glider ride or a parasail. Because of Hawaii's favourable year-round climate, just being outdoors can be an adventure to those folks fleeing winter. Adventure, after all, like art, is in the eye of the beholder and for every urge there is an outfitter.