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La Stone
La Stone
© HCVB / Sri Maiava Rusden
At one time, going to a mineral spring to 'take the waters' or to a hot spring for the 'mud treatment' was the thing to do among the wealthy. It was the fashionable thing to do and made them feel good. Things haven't really changed too much today, with people still coming to a spa to be pampered.

Probably no new hotel facilities in the past 50 years have had as much impact on guests as weight rooms and spas, which have become as ubiquitous as cocktail lounges. Keeping fit is a lifestyle decision that is easy to maintain in Hawaii and rejuvenation a natural by-product of being in the islands.

Swimming and running are cheap, readily accessible and great habits for staying healthy and the sensational climate promotes such healthy behaviour. In Hawaii, 80 year old men still play a respectable round of softball and seniors can always be found practicing tai chi in Kapiolani Park. Canoe clubs are also very popular while the Honolulu Marathon draws upwards of 30,000 entrants every year. Clearly, health, or wellness if you like, is an important piece of the visitor puzzle.

The neighbour islands are particularly suited to the 'La Costa style' spa, where weight loss can be supervised by physicians in an isolated, distraction-free environment and the patient can fit in 18 holes before the sun goes down. If you think about it, coming to a healthy place to get healthy makes perfect sense!

Rejuvenation and wellness also have their place in psychological health. Nothing relieves stress like wiggling one's toes in the warm sand, watching the surf crash on the award-winning beach and hearing its mellow music. Nothing is so relaxing as waiting for the green flash as the sun sinks below a clear horizon. At the end of the day, that is why a trip to Hawaii is exactly what the doctor ordered - a great big beautiful cure for what ails us in everyday life.